I’m back to action. The opportunities in

I’m back to action. The opportunities in life are just in front of us. Now that the US is suffering an economical imbalance, is time to evaluate. I can’t talk about economics or housing, but for sure, Health Care is part of my field. My initial training was in Mexico, having access to the underserved in many ways… My second part of the medical education was inner city Chicago. The differences between each other were, in many other things, the location.
Currently, but countries are innovating there health care systems, without it, with the changes in demographics (example Europe) could sink both countries. The hard thing is: THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER… We need to understand and participate in this historical moment, IF WE DON’T SPEAK UP and VOICE our concerns, we will be floating in a sea of questions and problems…
1) Read about the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT (http://www.whitehouse.gov/healthreform/healthcare-overview)
2) Be part of the movement in your state!
3) ASK ASK ASK!!! Please do feel free to contact me for positive ideas!

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