El Ultimo día de este Festejo

Les comparto con ustedes la última noche de la festividad de las luces llamada Januca.

Que sigamos teniendo luz y que siga guiando a nuestras familias con paz, tranquilidad y mucha salud.

La Octava Noche de Jánuca

Muy buen inicio de semana!


Sharing with you the last night of the festival of lights called Chanukah.

May we continue having light and may he continue to guide our families with peace, tranquility and good health.

Great start of the week!

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Thank you @sandraoneilltv so much for sharing this important point in @telemundo52 about our community. We need to continue protecting our kids specially. Our community continues to be affected in a disproportional way.

Remember to:

1) Social Distancing Works
2) Use a mask
3) Wash your hands

If you feel that you need more information about the syndrome, please feel free to go to https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/COVID-19/Pages/covid_inflammatory_condition.aspx in Spanish and English

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Get Ready for the Holidays / Preparese para las Fiestas

Talking about Health and Wellness! Imperative to hear and prepare yourself about breaking some bad habits in the Holidays!

1) Plan ahead what you are going to EAT

2) Plan ahead what are you going to DRINK

3) One caloric meal or tow in this season is ok, we need to adjust the other days.

Remember the 4 pillars

1) Diet

2) Sports

3) Sleep

4) Stress Management

Enjoy your family and loved ones!

Hablando sobre Salud y Bienestar! Imperativo poder escuchar y prepararnos para romper malos hábitos en este tiempo de fiestas!

1) Planee que va a COMER

2) Planee que va a BEBER

3) Uno o dos comidas masa en esta temporada no son malos, se puede reajustar y comer bien los demás dias

Acuerdese de los 4 pilares

1) Diet

2) Deportes

3) Sueño

4) Manejo del estrés

Disfrute mucho a sus queridos y familiares! https://www.facebook.com/KTNQ1020/videos/803238966808055/ #Univision #Salud #Fiestas #SeAcabo2019 #ElPajarito #1020AMKTNQ #GrandesMañanas #AltaMed #Wellness #Dr_Shaps #DGV #DPP #STOMP

Summary of week 8: Vaccines and vaccines…

For all parents: when it gets time to start the vaccines of your baby, it’s always harder for the parents for than the baby… Nobody can disagree that vaccines has been one of medicines top 3 inventions that has saved and prevented horrible diseases for human kind.

Our daughter for the first time (actually, the second time, the first was the hepatitis b vaccine at birth) got her 2 month old vaccines, and of course, we were happy to get to the milestone. I have said a couple of hundred times (at least) the short list of common side effects that the baby can have, it is my version of the “Miranda rights” that cops know by heart, but this time was a little bit different, knowing that my flesh and blood was going to be immunized (and my wife is not a fan of any needles!). She did perfectly great on her weight, height, meeting all her developmental millstones; waiting for the big moment finally, we were prepared. It’s amazing how important it is to have calm parents at the moment of vaccination, even a small infant can tell if mammy and daddy are nervous. Everything was done in seconds, and with a smile at the exit of the pediatrician’s office.

There is always a small probability that the patient (aka: daughter), can have fever, crying spells, sleeping more than usual, redness on the site and even a bump, everything controllable with general comfort measures. But, my daughter read with me all the side effects, choosing to have on that evening fever and sleepiness. You can imagine the 7 missed calls that I had in my cell phone before I left the office. If you have in your mind the question “you knew the side effects”, the quick answer is: YES, YES and YES! You needed to see this infant, bundled up, having her first fever smiling at her parents: I’m fine; it’s just a little fever. I tried 3 different thermometers, having the same answer: your daughter DOES have a fever. She continued to eat, laugh and play, having extended periods of sleep during the day, but by morning, thank G-d she was back to her old self: laughing, moving and doing her own tummy time. Every day, I learn something new, to be humble and reaffirming that when a parent tells me the fears and myths  that have heard about vaccines, I will share my personal story and the peer review information regarding why it’s important, side effects and the probability of having a severe bad reaction the vaccines, my conclusion always is: I’M HERE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION, I can’t guarantee 100% that everything will be perfect, but for sure this is a great choice (PLEASE PLEASE go to http://www.vaccines.com/why-vaccinate-fact-01.cfm).

Now to other matters… I can spend a lot of time watching my daughter, amazed on how they  start exploring the world, finding their hands, grabbing things, smiling… No she is moving her legs, trialing objects and cooing, our “sleep, eat, move and poop machine” is actually converting into a “little person”, communicating her needs and fears.  I can’t extend how important it is for any parent to be on top of this, you are the one that knows your baby best.



1)    Vaccines are more painful to watch when you are a parent

2)    Having a great time learning from my best teacher… MY DAUGHTER!

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