The little things that make you happy

I’m extremely grateful to be here and to continue sharing joyful moments around us. I’m very humble on this Covid Times and learning that everything changes. I have enjoyed the past months how we shared everything, specially artists, politicians, etc, we are seeing that we are all in this, and we are ALL been impacted.

As part of the shearing process, it to almost 70 days for my wife to say: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: you need a haircut”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my barber and my wife… But this time probably my wife was more worried.

Please follow this link to see the final master pice

Sharing with the community the active lessons from the past weeks

Happy Nurses Day

Nurses have been the center of every healthcare system. They protect the patients and physicians, understanding the technical efforts of the healthcare system. This day we celebrated our Nurses, this amazing group of nurses have been fighting and screening the community for COVID19, long hours, heat, cold and even rain, but thanks to her all of us are safer and healthier every day. THANK YOU!

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