Reconocimiento de Despierta America Al Personal de Primera Línea de Salud

Feliz y agradecido con @luissandovaltv y @despiertamerica por la oportunidad de representar a todo el personal de salud de la primera línea 🛡

Honor y orgullo de todos nosotros de poder seguir sirviendo a toda nuestra comunidad. Cada persona de nuestro equipo está creando esa barrera para que nuestra comunidad esté mucho más protegida.

El equipo de AltaMed es un ejemplo de resilencia al igual de otros promotor@s, enfermer@s, personal, medic@s y demás equipos que traen salud a nuestra comunidad en todo el mundo.

Puedes encontrar el link completo a la entrevista en

Y por cierto: ya te vacunaste de la influenza?

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Nuevo Tratamiento Médico: Vota Como Si Tu Salud Dependiera De Eso 🗳

Habiendo tanto ruido en el mundo, tanta información y caos. Hay un limitado número de personas en nuestra comunidad que seguimos confiando en ellos: nuestros proveedores de salud.

Nosotros hoy en día queremos recomendar una receta de salud para nuestra comunidad:

1) Es un tratamiento que dura por años
2) Trae e potencial de mejorar tu salud, escuelas y hasta el futuro de nuevas generaciones

El tratamiento es: Vota! 🗳

Vota como si su salud dependiera de ello

Usted ya hizo su plan para votar?

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Do we need International Medical Graduates in the US?

I will skip the doubt: YES WE NEED International Medical Graduates (IMG’s). The entire system in the US has noted to have a constant decrease of physicians and an entire community to that needs more of them.

Currently at least 24% of practicing physicians are considered IMG’s, that is actually not the number that I’m looking for, my question that I have is what could we do to improve the quality of care in the US.

Thank you Assembly member Carrillo for the opportunity to testify in support of AB2478

Will share an example: you need oxygen. The older you get for Syndrome “X”, you need more. You have a great machine that is producing it, but it kind of helps now, but you know on the long term you will be very sick if you do not have enough. Even that you tried very hard right now to innovate, at the level of creation will take years before you get the oxygen. What options do you have?

You start in a journey. There are some machines that know how to produce oxygen in your area that are here, but are right producing other things. Why not incorporate that and acknowledge that we need to act now to bridge for the future, giving yourself oxygen in the meantime until we actually have a long term plan working.

Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo presenting the International Medical Graduate: study at the California State Assembly Business and Professions, Chaired by Assembly Member Evan Low

I’m actually one of those “IMG Machines”. In the US we have number of IMG Physicians working outside of the realm of medicine. Now, specially with the Covid-19 Pandemic, the healthcare system is stretch and will show all the vulnerable communities, creating a different wave of side effects in our country.

I was honored to give testimony to start a conversation in California to bring a study to understand the barriers and opportunities that we have in order to bring oxygen to our communities.

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My bill, AB 2478 made it out of Business and Professionals Committee today! AB2478 would direct the California Medical Board to conduct a study on increasing the existing pool of international medical graduates by January 1, 2022, thereby laying the foundation for more language and cultural competent medical care. According to research conducted by the UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative, there is a ratio of 62 physicians per 100,000 Spanish speakers. AB 2478 was a pre-COVID-19 issue and this global pandemic has only further intensified the shortage for vulnerable populations who are experiencing health disparities at alarming rates. Thank you Berenice Nuñez Constant of to AltaMed Health Services for working with me on this issue and to our key witnesses Dr. Ilan Shapiro, MD Medical Director, Health Education and Wellness, AltaMed and Sonja Diaz, Founding Executive Director, UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative. #HealthForAll // ¡Mi legislatura, AB 2478, salió del Comité de Empresas y Profesionales hoy! AB2478 ordenaría a la Junta Médica de California que realice un estudio sobre el aumento del grupo existente de graduados médicos internacionales para el 1 de enero de 2022, sentando así las bases para una atención médica competente más cultural y lingüística. Según una investigación realizada por la Iniciativa de Política y Póliza de UCLA, hay una proporción de 62 médicos por cada 100,000 personas que solo hablan español. AB 2478 era un problema anterior a COVID-19 y esta pandemia global solo ha intensificado aún más la escasez de poblaciones vulnerables sin acceso a atención médica. Gracias a Berenice Nuñez Constant de la Clínica AltaMed por trabajar conmigo en este tema y a nuestros testigos, Dr. Ilan Shapiro, Director de , Educación de salud y bienestar, AltaMed y Sonja Díaz, Directora de Iniciativa de Política y Póliza de UCLA.

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Sabes que son los ACE’s y que esta pasando en California?

ACE’s y toxic stress #APrimeraHora con @annabellesedano con @Univision hablando de la nueva oportunidad en California para que su medico evalue y lo ayude de una manera integral. La Dr Mona Patel de @ChildrensLA en conjunto con @ameracadpeds (@AAPCA2) a abogando por el bienestar de nuestros hijos!

ACE’s y toxic stress🌪️ A Primera Hora LA with Annabelle Sedano @ Univision talking about the New California Law that will help parents, children and adults to assess for a integrative holistic evaluation and help. Dr Mona Patel from CHLA has been a leader with the American Academy of Pediatrics advocating for the wellness of our Kids!

Follow this link for the initial ACE’s program

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Get Ready for the Holidays / Preparese para las Fiestas

Talking about Health and Wellness! Imperative to hear and prepare yourself about breaking some bad habits in the Holidays!

1) Plan ahead what you are going to EAT

2) Plan ahead what are you going to DRINK

3) One caloric meal or tow in this season is ok, we need to adjust the other days.

Remember the 4 pillars

1) Diet

2) Sports

3) Sleep

4) Stress Management

Enjoy your family and loved ones!

Hablando sobre Salud y Bienestar! Imperativo poder escuchar y prepararnos para romper malos hábitos en este tiempo de fiestas!

1) Planee que va a COMER

2) Planee que va a BEBER

3) Uno o dos comidas masa en esta temporada no son malos, se puede reajustar y comer bien los demás dias

Acuerdese de los 4 pilares

1) Diet

2) Deportes

3) Sueño

4) Manejo del estrés

Disfrute mucho a sus queridos y familiares! #Univision #Salud #Fiestas #SeAcabo2019 #ElPajarito #1020AMKTNQ #GrandesMañanas #AltaMed #Wellness #Dr_Shaps #DGV #DPP #STOMP


A couple of months ago, my wife joined “Baby Boot Camp”. I was actually really excited for her to have the opportunity to meet other wives and their kids. In the back of my mind I had the wrong impression of what they actually did there. She explained to me that they met each other with strollers to exercise, how hard can it be? A little bit of walking and talking.

She started going a couple of days a week and without noticing it, it became a daily activity. Every day a different exercise was done, she became fit and lost the dreadful baby weight from the pregnancy (something that I’m struggling to do, I had an average of each pound she gained, I gained 2).

A couple of weeks back; I was invited to the “invite your partner Valentines day” activity. I was ready to show these ladies what a Man can do. Arriving to the place other great strong Man, like me, were ready to show their muscles.  After 15 minutes of workout and 45 minutes to go, the picture in my mind of latte sipping ladies with a croissant in their hands quickly when out of the window. I was dripping in sweat, looking for the white towel to throw to the ground. As part of the routine, you run with the stroller: how hard can it be? It was hard enough that “I gave the opportunity” to my wife to do it most of the time.

I’m really grateful that this group exists. It not only gives a great lifestyle to the participants, but also teaches kids from an early age how to improve themselves, be healthy and most important, to collaborate in a family healthy activity every day.

Amor, thank you for breaking the paradigm of the “sipping morning lattes” (I still have my droughts if they don’t have some “chatting-stretching days” J ) and teaching me the value of been healthy.


THANK YOU BABY BOOT CAMP (By the way, it is a nationwide network,

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