A couple of months ago, my wife joined “Baby Boot Camp”. I was actually really excited for her to have the opportunity to meet other wives and their kids. In the back of my mind I had the wrong impression of what they actually did there. She explained to me that they met each other with strollers to exercise, how hard can it be? A little bit of walking and talking.

She started going a couple of days a week and without noticing it, it became a daily activity. Every day a different exercise was done, she became fit and lost the dreadful baby weight from the pregnancy (something that I’m struggling to do, I had an average of each pound she gained, I gained 2).

A couple of weeks back; I was invited to the “invite your partner Valentines day” activity. I was ready to show these ladies what a Man can do. Arriving to the place other great strong Man, like me, were ready to show their muscles.  After 15 minutes of workout and 45 minutes to go, the picture in my mind of latte sipping ladies with a croissant in their hands quickly when out of the window. I was dripping in sweat, looking for the white towel to throw to the ground. As part of the routine, you run with the stroller: how hard can it be? It was hard enough that “I gave the opportunity” to my wife to do it most of the time.

I’m really grateful that this group exists. It not only gives a great lifestyle to the participants, but also teaches kids from an early age how to improve themselves, be healthy and most important, to collaborate in a family healthy activity every day.

Amor, thank you for breaking the paradigm of the “sipping morning lattes” (I still have my droughts if they don’t have some “chatting-stretching days” J ) and teaching me the value of been healthy.


THANK YOU BABY BOOT CAMP (By the way, it is a nationwide network,

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