Vaping and our community

Vaping is the new way to create an epidemic of lung damage in our community. Read more about options, opportunities and how to protect our community.

The National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF), in partnership with Aetna Foundation – affiliated with CVS Health, has created the NHHF Stop Vaping Campaign with the goal to develop a national communications to decrease vaping among middle and high school students.

We are living already in a Pandemic with Covid-19, and we know if that the lungs are damaged, the consequences can be dreadful.

No matter what you think in the world, we can all conlude that our lungs are made for clean air and not vape or smoke.

Because of this, you are all welcome for the next resources

Exigen vacunas para migrantes

En esta época de Influenza, se ha negado el acceso a vacunación 💉a inmigrantes en centros de detención. Esto crea un foco problemático el cual puede llevar a problemas severos, ya vimos el año pasado la muerte de 3 menores por Influenza. Gracias ESTRELLA TV con Wendy Castillo (@wendycastillo90) por comentar sobre este importante tema. 👍💉

In this Influenza season, the vaccination has been denied to immigrants that are on the detention centers. This creates a problematic area that can start sever complications, as we already witness last year when 3 kids died from Influenza. Thank you ESTRELLA TV con Wendy Castillo (@wendycastillo90) for sharing information about this problem. 👍💉

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