Vaping and our community

Vaping is the new way to create an epidemic of lung damage in our community. Read more about options, opportunities and how to protect our community.

The National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF), in partnership with Aetna Foundation – affiliated with CVS Health, has created the NHHF Stop Vaping Campaign with the goal to develop a national communications to decrease vaping among middle and high school students.

We are living already in a Pandemic with Covid-19, and we know if that the lungs are damaged, the consequences can be dreadful.

No matter what you think in the world, we can all conlude that our lungs are made for clean air and not vape or smoke.

Because of this, you are all welcome for the next resources

Vaping: What do we know today?

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Hoy en dia la #tecnología nos ha ayudado a mejorar nuestra vida pero tenemos que ser claros que el #Vaping definitivamente está creando problemas en nuestra salud, jóvenes están teniendo acceso a la #nicotina (#veneno) y muchos de ellos utiliza esto como puente a terminar #fumando y #adictos al #tabaco. Estamos apenas entendiendo los efectos secundarios y la ramificación de lo que está pasando con el vapeo. Más de 1,000 casos se han detectado y se siguen incrementando. Cuidece a usted y a su familia: NO LOS UTILICE

Por favor siga la liga en el profile para un par de ligas donde se explica con más detalle lo que está pasando.

Today #technology has been improving our lives, but let’s be clear that #Vaping has created a lot of health problems, our youth is starting to use #nicotine (#poison) and this has created an addiction bridge to start #smoking #tobacco products. We are starting to understand the secondary effects and ramifications of vaping. More than 1,000 cases have been directly linked and this number continues to increase. Take care of yourself and your family: DON’T USE THEM

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Thank you @Univision, @ClaudiaBotero and  @LeonKrauze from #AlPuntoCalifornia for the opportunity to share this with our community

On demand informacion form the CDC

Information for parents:

California local resource on everything: from general stuff to how to quit

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