Selective Babies Alzheimer: When someone forgets that they were babies too

Selective Babies Alzheimer: When someone forgets that they were babies too
After a long “baby winter” (my definition of the first months, when any fever is an automatic “go to the hospital card”), we have started to enjoy the amazing summer. We have been blessed with company from great grandparents to my daughter’s 20 month old cousin. Sharing stories about how we were in the past. It’s amazing how certain things and behaviors our daughter started to do that other family members (including, Uncle, Dad, Mom, etc), gestures, positions and even the way the she sooths herself to sleep; for example, she plays with her hair to relax herself to sleep, just like her uncle does. Is it a coincidence or genetics having fun? I really don’t have a straight answer, but I’m just impressed and wonder what other surprises she will have for us in the future.

It’s human nature to act upon a crying baby. Mom will know specifically their babies cry and it is interesting when other people, for example, in a restaurant, would react (of course I’m not describing the crying baby in a movie or opera concert). They have this look and wired silence, expressing in a non verbal way, that “someone” needs to mute the baby, and the more adventures ones, just moves to another table. It seems that they are having “Babies Alzheimer” defined as: NOT REMEMBERING THAT THEY WERE BABIES ONE TIME, AND PROBABLY, THEY CRIED TOO. Well, that’s life right? Until we find the mute button or my baby (that usually cries for a couple of seconds) talks fluently in one language (including sign language), will have those moments, that at the beginning were more uncomfortable for us, but now, we see it as a learning process to have a social life, starting to be experts on how and what to bring to “social events” so everyone will have a great experience

Thumb vs Pacifier

When we are babies, none of us were asked if we wanted to “suck our thumb or use a Pacifier (I LOVE THE NAME!), wondering right now about that decision for my daughter. Many lactation consultants and pediatricians believe that there could be a “nipple” confusion if a newborn is exposed to bottles/pacifiers in the first 3 weeks, for sure it’s a nice a idea but I have not yet seen (until now) some one that has not “exposed” their babies to them. In our debate, someone told us, “you can accidentally loose the paci, but you can’t cut out the thumb”… That got us thinking, we waited 3 weeks, limiting her contact to artificial nipples and we started to have a couple of questions in our heads:

1)    Having no choice, but for sure influence in the decision, I would encourage the pacifier for my baby instead of the thumb. The entire concept was commodity, easy handling, decrease risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (AKA: SIDS; could be a topic for another day) thinking that one day in the future “Mr Paci” will go on a trip an never come back…

2)    Choice two: “The Organic Thumb”, you never lose it, they know where it is, but it needs some behavioral interventions (as the pacifier) to finish with it, plus having a finger on the mouth after the child has teeth starts to push  certain areas creating good business for orthodontics.

And for every one… What was your feeling? Did you choose a method? Any tips? Was it hard to “take” it out?

Cultural approach to earrings for girls…

In my home country, when a girl is delivered, they give them 2 shots (standard for the world) one is a vaccine for hepatitis b (to prevent infection of that virus that can lead to liver damage and death) and the other one is vitamin K (to prevent excess bleeding). Also, before going home, the new lady is given to the parents with 2 beautiful punctured earlobes with 2 amazing hypoallergenic earrings: that’s just part of the delivery package.

You need to understand our cultural “shock” when we asked them when are they going to do the piercings at the hospital, and the answered was “we don’t do that”.

And I was shocked:

1) In my mind “the entire world” knew that baby girls will have earrings at the moment that they leave the hospital

2) We needed to find out what would the process be in order to “normalize” in our cultural standards, her ears

As per AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Guidelines, recommends that anybody that would like a piercing be ready to take care of it, meaning, that the age and maturity of “patient” will differ on that, and having my 1 month old baby, does not even qualify as “potty trained” let alone, be ready to wash her own earrings, and kind of goes against the my cultural expectations. But imagine that I did not read that statement, I can fine the logic to it…

It’s a fact that our daughter will get her piercings… We went online, we asked friends, doctors and parents regarding what to do… Well practically there is a couple of THINGS TO CONSIDER:

  1. Hygiene: Of course you want to have the safest, cleanest area to do any procedure to your own flesh and blood.
  2. Vaccines: Many people recommend waiting 15 days after the “Tetanus” shot (2 month regular shots for the US) before doing any piercings, that way it minimize risk of contracting a horrible PREVENTABLE disease.
  3. Method
    1. options and choices:
      1. By piercing gun: Usually done in most places, can be self thought to do it, easy, if is in a store, the “gun” per se, in most cases cannot be sterilized, and the blunt trauma (the actual pressure from the earring to the skin
      2. By Needle… Using the same protocol and technique of a piercing professional. Using sterile equipment to perforate the ear lobes, having less tissue damage, but the cost is more and needs to be in a safe place.

Both of the choices don’t sound attractive…

What did you do for your baby? What technique did you use? Did you waited, for how long? What was your experience after the fact?

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