Sabes que son los ACE’s y que esta pasando en California?

ACE’s y toxic stress #APrimeraHora con @annabellesedano con @Univision hablando de la nueva oportunidad en California para que su medico evalue y lo ayude de una manera integral. La Dr Mona Patel de @ChildrensLA en conjunto con @ameracadpeds (@AAPCA2) a abogando por el bienestar de nuestros hijos!

ACE’s y toxic stress🌪️ A Primera Hora LA with Annabelle Sedano @ Univision talking about the New California Law that will help parents, children and adults to assess for a integrative holistic evaluation and help. Dr Mona Patel from CHLA has been a leader with the American Academy of Pediatrics advocating for the wellness of our Kids!

Follow this link for the initial ACE’s program

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Coronavirus what do we know today?

Where? Started in #China 🇨🇳 (Whuhan) in a market, now we have at least confirmed cases in the US 🇺🇸.
Why is it that we hearing about this virus? Viruses are everywhere, the problem is when a virus that usually infects other animals starts infecting humans. As humans we do not have a lot of natural defences to protect against this type of virus. This can lead to an #outbreak of this disease.
How does it present?Most of the cases have cold like symptoms and evolves to pneumonia.

What do we do to protect ourselves? Washing hands, making sure that we are coughing 🤧 to our elbows and not to our hands. There are active measures to detect people that are sick in major airports and the @CDCgov has started a program to detect the infection. Prevention is a key factor to stop the infection.

I was in contact with someone that has it or I’m worry that I have it, what do I do? The cases have been mild to severe, if you think that you have it or you are exposed to it, were a mask and contact your doctor.

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Influenza a Primera Hora

Influenza #APrimeraHoraLA con @annabellesedano en @Univision
1) Los casos de #Influenza van en Aumento a comparación de la temporada pasada 😱2) Prevencion: LAVAR LAS MANOS 🛀 Y VACUNAR ✍

Influenza #APrimeraHoraLA with Annabelle Sedano at Univision1) Cases of influenza compared to the last season are on the rise 😱2) Prevention is Key: WASH YOUR HANDS 🛀 and VACCINATE ✍

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