Participar en el censo 2020 es fundamental —¡Hagámonos contar!

Me facino poder colaborar con la Academia Americana de Pediatria en su portal para padres para compartir la importancia del censo 2020. Ademas, que dentro de la nota esta un GRAN VIDEO de Sesame Street explicando la importancia del censo. para informacion de como compartir ideas dentro de su comunidad

Las primeras comidas para nuestros hijos / First foods for our children 👶🏼

Cuando nuestros pequeños nacen la leche materna 🤱 es la mejor recomendación, pero cuando van creciendo más las necesidades nutricionales van cambiando.

Un placer estar en Univisión 34 con Gaby esta

Cuando nuestros hijos están listos? (Esta es una lista rápida) Generalmente cada niñ@ es diferente pero podemos ver estas señales a los 4-6 meses de edad

  • Control de cuello
  • Interés en comida

Por otro lado, cómo comenzar? (Aquí comparto 3 tips):

  1. Comenzar con cereales (al principio son un par de cucharadas solamente)
  2. Vegetales 🍅 vs frutas 🍇 ? La verdad no hay diferencia a largo plazo si se comienza con una u otra (lógicamente TODOS preferimos lo dulce primero, pero esto no altera que va. A pasar después)
  3. Trate trate y trate: muchas veces no les gusta la textura, ya que están acostumbrados a los líquidos. No se desespere,

Para mas informacion:

La temporada de Influenza comienza

La influenza NO ES UNA SIMPLE GRIPA 😣. Hoy en día las muertes relacionadas con esta infección. Tuve el gusto de compartir consejos con @Rosie_Orbach de @noticias62tv.

Recuerde: La vacuna sirve, disminuye complicaciones y no enferma (es una vacuna de virus muerto). 👍

Ahora que la temporada esta en aumento tenemos las vacunas en gratis para la comunidad.

The Influenza IS NOT A SIMPLE COLD 😣. Today the deaths related to this infection are on the rise. I had the pleasure to share some tips with Rosie Orbach from Noticia 62.
Remember: The vaccine works, reduces complications and does not get you sick (the vaccines is a killed virus). 👍

For more information follow‎

Vaping: What do we know today?

Click para ver el Video completo / Click to view the Video

Hoy en dia la #tecnología nos ha ayudado a mejorar nuestra vida pero tenemos que ser claros que el #Vaping definitivamente está creando problemas en nuestra salud, jóvenes están teniendo acceso a la #nicotina (#veneno) y muchos de ellos utiliza esto como puente a terminar #fumando y #adictos al #tabaco. Estamos apenas entendiendo los efectos secundarios y la ramificación de lo que está pasando con el vapeo. Más de 1,000 casos se han detectado y se siguen incrementando. Cuidece a usted y a su familia: NO LOS UTILICE

Por favor siga la liga en el profile para un par de ligas donde se explica con más detalle lo que está pasando.

Today #technology has been improving our lives, but let’s be clear that #Vaping has created a lot of health problems, our youth is starting to use #nicotine (#poison) and this has created an addiction bridge to start #smoking #tobacco products. We are starting to understand the secondary effects and ramifications of vaping. More than 1,000 cases have been directly linked and this number continues to increase. Take care of yourself and your family: DON’T USE THEM

Please follow the link in the profile to have access to links that go deeper in what is currently happening

Thank you @Univision, @ClaudiaBotero and  @LeonKrauze from #AlPuntoCalifornia for the opportunity to share this with our community

On demand informacion form the CDC

Information for parents:

California local resource on everything: from general stuff to how to quit

Original Univision Video:

Summary of week 8: Vaccines and vaccines…

For all parents: when it gets time to start the vaccines of your baby, it’s always harder for the parents for than the baby… Nobody can disagree that vaccines has been one of medicines top 3 inventions that has saved and prevented horrible diseases for human kind.

Our daughter for the first time (actually, the second time, the first was the hepatitis b vaccine at birth) got her 2 month old vaccines, and of course, we were happy to get to the milestone. I have said a couple of hundred times (at least) the short list of common side effects that the baby can have, it is my version of the “Miranda rights” that cops know by heart, but this time was a little bit different, knowing that my flesh and blood was going to be immunized (and my wife is not a fan of any needles!). She did perfectly great on her weight, height, meeting all her developmental millstones; waiting for the big moment finally, we were prepared. It’s amazing how important it is to have calm parents at the moment of vaccination, even a small infant can tell if mammy and daddy are nervous. Everything was done in seconds, and with a smile at the exit of the pediatrician’s office.

There is always a small probability that the patient (aka: daughter), can have fever, crying spells, sleeping more than usual, redness on the site and even a bump, everything controllable with general comfort measures. But, my daughter read with me all the side effects, choosing to have on that evening fever and sleepiness. You can imagine the 7 missed calls that I had in my cell phone before I left the office. If you have in your mind the question “you knew the side effects”, the quick answer is: YES, YES and YES! You needed to see this infant, bundled up, having her first fever smiling at her parents: I’m fine; it’s just a little fever. I tried 3 different thermometers, having the same answer: your daughter DOES have a fever. She continued to eat, laugh and play, having extended periods of sleep during the day, but by morning, thank G-d she was back to her old self: laughing, moving and doing her own tummy time. Every day, I learn something new, to be humble and reaffirming that when a parent tells me the fears and myths  that have heard about vaccines, I will share my personal story and the peer review information regarding why it’s important, side effects and the probability of having a severe bad reaction the vaccines, my conclusion always is: I’M HERE TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION, I can’t guarantee 100% that everything will be perfect, but for sure this is a great choice (PLEASE PLEASE go to

Now to other matters… I can spend a lot of time watching my daughter, amazed on how they  start exploring the world, finding their hands, grabbing things, smiling… No she is moving her legs, trialing objects and cooing, our “sleep, eat, move and poop machine” is actually converting into a “little person”, communicating her needs and fears.  I can’t extend how important it is for any parent to be on top of this, you are the one that knows your baby best.



1)    Vaccines are more painful to watch when you are a parent

2)    Having a great time learning from my best teacher… MY DAUGHTER!

Cultural approach to earrings for girls…

In my home country, when a girl is delivered, they give them 2 shots (standard for the world) one is a vaccine for hepatitis b (to prevent infection of that virus that can lead to liver damage and death) and the other one is vitamin K (to prevent excess bleeding). Also, before going home, the new lady is given to the parents with 2 beautiful punctured earlobes with 2 amazing hypoallergenic earrings: that’s just part of the delivery package.

You need to understand our cultural “shock” when we asked them when are they going to do the piercings at the hospital, and the answered was “we don’t do that”.

And I was shocked:

1) In my mind “the entire world” knew that baby girls will have earrings at the moment that they leave the hospital

2) We needed to find out what would the process be in order to “normalize” in our cultural standards, her ears

As per AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) Guidelines, recommends that anybody that would like a piercing be ready to take care of it, meaning, that the age and maturity of “patient” will differ on that, and having my 1 month old baby, does not even qualify as “potty trained” let alone, be ready to wash her own earrings, and kind of goes against the my cultural expectations. But imagine that I did not read that statement, I can fine the logic to it…

It’s a fact that our daughter will get her piercings… We went online, we asked friends, doctors and parents regarding what to do… Well practically there is a couple of THINGS TO CONSIDER:

  1. Hygiene: Of course you want to have the safest, cleanest area to do any procedure to your own flesh and blood.
  2. Vaccines: Many people recommend waiting 15 days after the “Tetanus” shot (2 month regular shots for the US) before doing any piercings, that way it minimize risk of contracting a horrible PREVENTABLE disease.
  3. Method
    1. options and choices:
      1. By piercing gun: Usually done in most places, can be self thought to do it, easy, if is in a store, the “gun” per se, in most cases cannot be sterilized, and the blunt trauma (the actual pressure from the earring to the skin
      2. By Needle… Using the same protocol and technique of a piercing professional. Using sterile equipment to perforate the ear lobes, having less tissue damage, but the cost is more and needs to be in a safe place.

Both of the choices don’t sound attractive…

What did you do for your baby? What technique did you use? Did you waited, for how long? What was your experience after the fact?

Summary of week 6: Tips, tricks, scheduling and life

This week I had the pleasure of having family over the weekend, and for sure, like many of us that don’t live in the same zip code as our family, it’s a blessing to have them here (someone told us that Florida attracts more family… Nobody took into account our new baby to be a better tourist magnet!). Our daughter is starting to form her routine, we already know about her “crappy hour”, and we have established a nice ballet of feeding, burping (I’m becoming an expert), diaper change, activity and happy times. We have gone to the maximum time allowed at night (amazing and extravagant 5 hours between feedings), meaning that we actually get to sleep a 4 hour cycle (GO BABY GO!).

My wife has given me the opportunity to do the last feeding of the day (no, I don’t use the props from “meet the Fockers”), enjoying a couple of minutes with my baby. The entire philosophy of bonding/feeding time really makes sense, whatever feeding method you use (bottle/breast milk/formula), being there and interacting is just amazing (PLUS YOU GET AT LEAST 10 MINUTES OF SILENCE!). Completely recommended if you have not done so.

The bath routine is working, she actually, contrary to popular beliefs, she loved the water, probably a genetic trait from my family. She is joyful and having fun (maybe some memories of mommy’s tummy?), making it clear to us that she does not want to leave the bathtub.

From the water to the earth, we have started her on “tummy time” now that she has more neck control, using our “mini GYM”, she starts on the top and slowly works her way down to the bottom of it to lay her face in the cushion and we start again. A part of stimulating your baby, it has a couple of more advantages, using the wake time for a positive activity. It comes to my mind one thing that is happening a lot with the new recommendations to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, it decreases and prevents unnecessary deaths, but if we are not moving the position of the head of our babies, they start having a “flat head”, that’s way one of the reasons to do tummy time and observe the shape of your baby’s head, if you think it is flat, talk to your pediatrician about it.

My amazing wife noticed this week that our Baby started to find her hands, it was amazing to see it, how we take for granted, and we forget the little things of our body, I encourage you to take a moment and observe your hands, probably you won’t remember when you saw them for the first time (at least I don’t) J.


1)    Tummy time is amazing and fun for the entire family, changing the routine of poop, eat, sleep moments of the day

2)    Baths are amazing, even for babies!

3)    Feeding your baby as a father/partner at least once a day creates a special bond for a couple of minutes that will give peace to you and your baby.


PS This is going to be an historic week for the US, whatever decision the Court makes regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act will have an impact on all of us.

Summary of week 5: Colic’s, crying and the miracle

It has been an amazing week. Energy started coming back, our regular “not grumpy” soul is starting to sleep a little better. But the week did not start that way… On her birthday, she decided to cry and complain all day and all night (our dog, Nikki, decided to have a muscle spasm on her back, having two patients at home!), she was grumpy, moving, fuzzy and for sure not happy! As a pediatrician, I finished with my mental check list of differential diagnosis, no fever, no crazy cough, no sneezing, not coughing, breathing well… And of course, LACK OF SLEEP for the entire family. We were really frustrated; usually on the 2nd to the 4th week it’s expected to have crying spells (“it’s normal to expected up to 2 hours of crying”, translation: BREATH IN, BREATH OUT, RELAX… IT WILL STOP…). As a textbook girl, she started with everything… Colic in pediatrics is a combination of gas, tummy issues and just plain old “fuzziness”, and she was having everything. We started to notice for a couple of nights that she loved sleeping in her nap nanny (cushion with a nice >45 angle), and each time that she was laying on her back she was uncomfortable, moving, doing funny noises and NOT SLEEPING AT ALL. On the second day, It was enough, consulting with the pediatrician (for objectivity: I’M NOT HER PEDIATRIC-DAD), and we started a trail of antiacids: THAT WAS THE CURE TO HER PROBLEM. Probably she was having some reflux (all little ones will have reflux and spit ups, it’s  a normal process until the Gastrointestinal Track [the tummy and guts] is mature enough), after a couple of doses, our little one started to be happy (Mommy and Daddy were happier!). With reflux the content of the stomach moves up to the mouth and potentially can be painful.

Moving on to the week, she started to have a social smile, it is a delightful scene, the pooping/sleeping machine is interacting with us more and more each day… For sure, you have shared this feeling before, it’s just pure happiness, at her 1 month of age she is already spinning my world.

There are different recommendation at the beginning of life to see your pediatrician, usually at birth, 2-5 days after, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 months (just to make the list small… also 15, 18, 24months and after that every year), we had our 1 month preventive visit, I’M A PROUD FATHER, she gained her weight, her height and head size, without forgetting how beautiful she is becoming every day. I did assumed, wrongfully, many things in my mind, that thanks G-d my wife asked the pediatrician, it’s a wired interaction, Imagine being a lawyer, and your business partner is now defending your family in a trail, you can give input, but the one running the show is your partner… Plus, going to the other side, your partner has “extra pressure” to perform and do his best. The first time that we were there, she felt like in an exam at the hospital, I smiled and told her: you Aced the exam (plus she is an amazing human being, active, happy, truthful and smart). Then my professional partner and my wife did have a session of questions and answers, at the same time that I ran out of the room to parade my daughter.

We also had our first real day out to a restaurant, probably one of my favorites in Ft. Myers: her 1st month day out. I wanted to shelter her, have the crystal bubble around her, and limit the amount of dust, UV rays and cosmic radiation (last one was a joke), it seems that the process to train my mind in order to have a balancing act between being a watchdog and “not reacting to my paternal impulses” is a work in process.

Every week is counting, time is moving and my family is just growing: I’M JUST ENJOYING IT!


  1. Hear and act upon “maternal instinct”, if you think something is wrong: ASK, ASK and ASK!
  2. Read about colic. But the most important is to have a way to “distress” your mind, and most importantly talk to your partner about it.
  3. Pacifier vs thumb… We passed the “3 weeks” of nipple confusion and now we need to decide were to go with this… In the perfect world babies will have a mute button.
  4. The first of everything (first bath, first going out, etc etc) creates new expectations and the lack of familiarity could create some stress… It will get much better with time

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