¿Que haria usted para ayudar a sus hijos? ¿Ha escuchado sobre los Eventos Adversos de la Infancia (Adverse Childhood Events)?

Todos hemos pasado por tiempos difíciles. Ahora en un mismo día como padres e hijos podemos sentir múltiples diferentes sentimientos que se mezclan con todo lo que hemos vivido desde nuestra niñez.

Como padres queremos defitivamente crear el mejor camino para nuestros hijas e hijos… Pero como hacerlo?

El dia de hoy con la ayuda de @cdc y @ameracadpeds vamos a platicar de la importancia de cuidarnos y entender que son los ACES (Eventos Adversos de la Infancia.

Les anexo este blog https://www.bostonmamas.com/blog/aces como ejemplo para los adultos y definitivamente para nuestros hijos puede acudir a HealthyChildren.org/BuildingResilience

Este proceso de crecimiento y sanación es algo que todos podemos hacer. Cargamos mucho de las cosas que vivimos en nuestra juventud, el hecho de poder acomodar todo y crear un futuro mejor es la clave.

Por eso los quiero invitar a una conversación honesta, abierta y con esperanza de poder fomentar resiliencia y sanación.

Nos vemos en el canal de Facebook de thepositivemom (https://www.facebook.com/thepositivemom)

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‘New science is worrisome’: CDC recommends wearing masks indoors, again. What that means for vaccinated Americans.

Please enjoy this USA Today article from Adrianna Rodriguez

Please follow up the link to see the entire article

The Medical Gown Project

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Como platicar con nuestros hijos de las elecciones

Hay mucho que aprender el dia de hoy con lo que esta pasando. Este es un muy buen momento para traer y ayudar a nuestros hijos a procesar lo que esta pasando.

Hay que acordar que nuestros hijos no tienen todas las herramientas como los adultos para poder entender y protegerse de la retórica. Imaginece, si a nosotros como adultos.

Les comparto este pequeño video

Como van sus hijos en estas épocas? Los invito a nuestra conversación en Facebook Live en Ilan Shapiro MD o @Dr_Shaps

What would happened if mental health problems would be seen equal as medical problems: I think more lives would be saved

My Name is Ilan Shapiro, I was born in a small city, called México City, a father, pediatrician and Medical Director for Health Education and Wellness at AltaMed.

I’m extremely humbled to have a great team Veronica O. and Sandy N. that in synergy we share education and wellness with our community. Also, with #Pantaleon and #LionsGate por abrir una conversación tan difícil con nuestra comunidad por medio de #LasPildorasdeMiNovio

Since the times of my Abuelita, mental health carried a big burden on the person affected and their family. This movie opens that conversation in the community of how none of us can separate our bodies from our minds.

My Abuelita tried to cure a lot of things with vick vapor rub and te de manzanilla (and sometimes a touch of violeta valenciana), but mental health does not respond to that. 

Mental health is not a taboo subject. We must, as a community, come together and have an open conversation about mental health and its impact on a person, on families and our society at-large.

When a patient comes to me has a pulled muscle, and I send them to Physical therapy with the recommendation on certain medications, there is no doubt on what to do.

Why is it so different when there is a chemical imbalance in the brain causing a big shift in mental health and I recommended medication and therapy, why is it so hard to have that conversation?

The stigma against mental illness is real. If you have any doubt, consider there is a median delay of 10 years between the onset of mental health symptoms and receiving healthcare. One reason for this delay is that people try to hide their mental illness due to the fear of being judged.

Each one of us needs to play a role to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Here are three ways to make an impact. 

1.    Education- In 2017, there were an estimated 46.6 million adults in the United States with mental illness. This number represents about 1 in 5 adults.

2.    Empathy- Refrain from judgement. Suffering from mental illness can become so unbearable that it affects one’s ability to function. One may even experience suicidal thoughts in an effort to escape the suffering.

3.    Advocacy- Be an advocate for raising mental health awareness. Support groups that advocate, educate and care for individuals and families affected by mental illness. 

Putting this in context Almost 18% of the US is Latino, 15% have a diagnosable mental illness, that is 8.9 million people, MORE THAN the population of NY City

 • U.S.-born Hispanics report higher rates for most psychiatric disorders than Hispanic immigrants.

• Studies have shown that older Hispanic adults and Hispanic youth are especially vulnerable to psychological stresses associated with immigration and acculturation

• Approximately 1 in 10 Hispanics with a mental disorder use mental health services from a primary care physician, while only 1 in 20 receive such services from a mental health specialist.

Several studies have found that bilingual patients are evaluated differently when interviewed in English as opposed to Spanish and that Hispanics are more frequently undertreated.

At AltaMed Health Services is the nation’s largest federally qualified community health centers in the nation. We have 52 sites across Los Angeles and Orange counties serving more than 300,000.

Understanding the need, nearly a decade ago, AltaMed began integrating behavioral health services into the primary care, because we recognized that mental health affects every aspect of a person’s well-being. This type of model in vulnerable communities can help start the healing process, and we’ve had the opportunity to provide services to thousands of underserved patients in the past years under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Pisano.

We all can miss the symptoms that are happening to our loved ones or even to us; some of these mental health challenges do not present as an obvious rash, a fever or a cough. We do not have a straightforward blood lab test for a diagnosis– but we do have a lot of people who can help identify the symptoms. It starts with you– we can all make a difference. We can help ourselves and help our loved ones by letting them know we care and there’s access to help. 

We are amazingly well versed in chisme language; let’s spread the word that is ok to feel different, the same way that people have migraines, people can be depressed, have adhd/add or anxiety. Do be afraid to ask if someone is acting differently, maybe, just maybe, because you showed that you cared, you are saving a life.

La temporada de Influenza comienza

La influenza NO ES UNA SIMPLE GRIPA 😣. Hoy en día las muertes relacionadas con esta infección. Tuve el gusto de compartir consejos con @Rosie_Orbach de @noticias62tv.

Recuerde: La vacuna sirve, disminuye complicaciones y no enferma (es una vacuna de virus muerto). 👍

Ahora que la temporada esta en aumento tenemos las vacunas en AltaMed.org gratis para la comunidad.

The Influenza IS NOT A SIMPLE COLD 😣. Today the deaths related to this infection are on the rise. I had the pleasure to share some tips with Rosie Orbach from Noticia 62.
Remember: The vaccine works, reduces complications and does not get you sick (the vaccines is a killed virus). 👍

For more information follow www.altamed.org/BustingFluMyths‎



Selective Babies Alzheimer: When someone forgets that they were babies too

Selective Babies Alzheimer: When someone forgets that they were babies too
After a long “baby winter” (my definition of the first months, when any fever is an automatic “go to the hospital card”), we have started to enjoy the amazing summer. We have been blessed with company from great grandparents to my daughter’s 20 month old cousin. Sharing stories about how we were in the past. It’s amazing how certain things and behaviors our daughter started to do that other family members (including, Uncle, Dad, Mom, etc), gestures, positions and even the way the she sooths herself to sleep; for example, she plays with her hair to relax herself to sleep, just like her uncle does. Is it a coincidence or genetics having fun? I really don’t have a straight answer, but I’m just impressed and wonder what other surprises she will have for us in the future.

It’s human nature to act upon a crying baby. Mom will know specifically their babies cry and it is interesting when other people, for example, in a restaurant, would react (of course I’m not describing the crying baby in a movie or opera concert). They have this look and wired silence, expressing in a non verbal way, that “someone” needs to mute the baby, and the more adventures ones, just moves to another table. It seems that they are having “Babies Alzheimer” defined as: NOT REMEMBERING THAT THEY WERE BABIES ONE TIME, AND PROBABLY, THEY CRIED TOO. Well, that’s life right? Until we find the mute button or my baby (that usually cries for a couple of seconds) talks fluently in one language (including sign language), will have those moments, that at the beginning were more uncomfortable for us, but now, we see it as a learning process to have a social life, starting to be experts on how and what to bring to “social events” so everyone will have a great experience

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