I have an hypothetical case and I would like to know what is your feeling and best approach to solve it:

Imagine that you are living in X country without documents, you have been living there for at least 10 years, working and being part of society. Your kid, that you brought him/her here, doesn’t have documents too. He has been enrolled to the local school, he is now a teenager.

This week your kids started to feel bad, you contact his/her doctor, they run some test and the diagnosis is really critical, without continue medical treatment your kid will surely die.

The hospital, in a good position, agrees to treat your kid for a limited time, but they can’t compromise due to insurance problems in the long term management. You take a moment to reflect: 1) I’m in another country where I nearly understand the language 2) I don’t understand the healthcare system 3) I really don’t know where to get help.

You have a limited set of choices in order to help and save your kids life: 1) Go back to your home country 2) Try to find help in country X.

In the middle of this debate, your kid is being help and good samaritarians are trying hard to open new pathways.

What would you do?

But the real polemic is: “Why this kid needs to suffer because of political problems? How can we help this kid that is in dragged from the parent’s decision to come to another country? Is it fair to let the kid be pushed away from the only real option to survive?

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