All most 30…

Time flies… And is just amazing to look back for a couple of seconds and be grateful for the amazing stories, friends and moments that you have been part of. In a couple of days I will be celebrating 3 decades…

I need to give my special thanks to my beloved parents and sister, they are the basic element of my soul, they believed the idea of an International Doctor that could not only be a physician but an advocate for those in need.

My grandparents that open there knowledge and time to guide me in times of need, with my uncles and aunties that always encouraged me in my endeavors…

To my new family, that has been with me for all most 8 years, with energy and “444444’s”!

To my mentors, friends and patients near and far, that I have told the same crazy stories 100 times, I cherish you in my heart.

But specially to my lover, wife and friend, my only nuclear reactor, the reason of my mornings and special projects, whom always gives me the word of knowledge and motivation to aim higher…


All most happy birthday to me!

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  1. I has been a Joy, Happiness and Pleasure, been part of our Family and a New Son for almost 8 years.
    We wish you, to your partner, lover & wife, and all the Family, that all your wishes become true, and that every moment of your life is better than the previous one.
    We love you very much!!!!
    Raquel & Elias

  2. that was a beautiful note and we appreciate how you feel. Happy Birthday now and may the coming years be super fantastic!
    Patty and Paul

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