How a Pediatrician can be better trained: START WITH PARENTHOOD! / Como un Pediatra puede estar mejor entrenado: VOLVERCE PADRE!

Well… It was really funny when parents looked for me, a Pediatrician for “life advise” regarding there kids. OF COURSE EVERY DAY my education increases, AND TRUST ME, I have read articles and books regarding small and big details from tinny diaper changing neonates to college driven adolescents, BUT every time that a parent asked about my “extra qualifications” (Doctor, how many kids do you have) I use to stop for a couple of seconds, smile and tell them that they will be here soon, TODAY IS THE STARTING POINT.

Since a couple of weeks back, we gave the amazing news to our family (my amazing wife/partner, before that it was 3 months of silence), and NOW I NEED YOUR HELP AS A PARENT that is learning the new path of parenthood… I will try to document all this new challenges as a father/pediatrician…

Every body is “really happy” for my wife, she HAS A PEDIATRICIAN 24/7… My clear response is: YOU NEVER DOUBT THE MATERNAL INSTINCT.


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