Energetic bilingual pediatrician with ample experience in community settings and international experience in Public Health and Primary Care, searching for an enthusiastic opportunity to fulfill his dreams.

Having an holistic approach to the current Health Care system, understands the importance of building long lasting relationship with the families giving the best care possible to the children, as we know, they are the future.

Being trained in Latin America, the current trend of a physician that understands the culture and language of the Hispanic patients improves the outcomes and adherence of clinical management and quality of medical attention, giving an advantage of his previous experience.

Having worked for the Ministry of Health as the Liaison for the World Health Organization, Ilan has been exposed to the administrative workload, comprehending the importance of having a well build system with the emphasis of a team approach to actively engage new solutions, understanding the importance of feedback and leadership roles.

Currently finishing his pediatric residency in a community hospital in an underserved area, Ilan has had the opportunity to interact with the core problems and solutions of the Hispanic community, creating the first Medical Advisory Board for the General Consulate of Mexico, improving the education and reach for Hispanic patients.



                               Dr. Ilan Shapiro S.

  1. Why are you looking to relocate or change practice settings?
    1. Finishing residency, starting my professional life!
  2. When do you anticipate wanting to start in a new position?
    1. 08-2011
  3. What sort of practice are you looking for? (all out pt, in and out-pt, only hospital work etc)
  4. Where do you hold licenses now? Are there any issues related to licensure or malpractice we should be aware of?
    1. Illinois
    2. No problems or malpractice issues
  5. Are you Board Certified? If not do you have plans to obtain Board Certification?
    1. Eligible, still at residency until 08-2011
  6. Will there be any family or significant others moving with you (assuming you are looking to relocate).
    1. My wife, she is an architect
  7. Any Specific area, if possible?
    1. California (San Diego and Los Angeles areas)
    2. Illinois (Chicago area)

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