Summary of week 3: Reality start to set in: YES WE ARE PARENTS

After 3 weeks, more than 200 diapers changed, having cleaned all types of bodily fluids from clothes, hands and other places, I’m starting to understand  a famous quote “Aliza, I am you father” (Star Wars…) It’s amazing how many things you can do for you own son/daughter… But you know what I was actually forgetting, OUR OWN MOTHERS that created that opportunity for us.

This week I had a nice telephone conversation, and the bottom line is: “You become selfless and devoted your life and soul to the new life that has been created”, and every letter of it is real. That’s why EVERY DAY IS MOTHERS DAY!

Everybody tells you: the first month is the hardest!  But I think (on my 3 weeks of experience), that every stage will have it’s on twist. First it’s lack of sleep, changing diapers… In a couple of years we’ll be installing the GPS tracking device and training the “friendly dragon” to patrol her/him.

There are so many books, opinions and of course stories telling us how to cure “the hiccups”, clean diapers and avoid having bad dreams…  In the end of the day, consistency from the parents, having  an open communication, setting goals and milestones, ARE THE REAL SMALL ACHIEVEMENTS THAT WILL DO A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR SON/DAUGHTERS LIFE…  Consistency is the name of the game.


1)      My diaper changing skills are changing, I’m faster, but the ratios of “diaper changed vs accidents when using diapers” are still high.

2)      Hiccups are common in newborns, it is more a distress for the parents than the real baby

3)      We just got some electronic hardware to make life and interaction easier with our family, the hard thing is making the software work

4)      There are millions of APP’s out there… We found (MY WIFE…) an amazing app to follow/track/measure/time every important aspect of our daughters needs (not including college… heheheh) and you can track (and will remind you) when is the next feed, oz’s, times, diapers (pee/poop), length etc etc… And the most amazing thing is that “Daddy” (AKA: ME) can see the %, numbers and times on his phone to feel less OCD.

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